Maywheather Remains The Champ! Defeats McGregor

On Sat., Aug. 26th, after retiring for two years, Floyd Mayweather returned back to the ring to fight Irish professional Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) and professional boxer, Conor McGregor.

The fight which took place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Neve started out with McGregor, 29, showing off and really coming hard on Mayweather, 40. That got everyone at the edge of their seats because Mayweather wasn't throwing as much punches as expected. Also, the fact that Mayweather had been away from boxing for two years didn't help matters.

Floyd Maywheather Remains The Champ! Defeats Conor McGregor

By round 3, we noticed Mayweather was playing more of a mental game with his opponent and that slowly got McGregor weary.

Floyd Maywheather Remains The Champ! Defeats Conor McGregor

By round 5, Mayweather showed more confidence and delivered stronger punches while McGregor's speed started to decline.

Floyd Maywheather Remains The Champ! Defeats Conor McGregor

At round 10, the"Money" capped off his performance with a TKO finish. For about one minute, McGregor was defenseless while his opponent - being a professional boxer - seized that moment to deliver many hot punches aimed at sending McGregor to the floor.

Seeing that McGregor was not defending himself, the Referee stopped the fight and Mayweather was declared the winner.

Floyd Maywheather Remains The Champ! Defeats Conor McGregor

According to the rules of the game, if someone is not defending himself and his opponent is delivering good punches, the referee has the power to end the fight - to protect the defenseless opponent.

It is good to know that Conor McGregor has no professional boxing experience under his belt. He is an MMA Champion who is used to fighting with not just his hands but with his legs, elbows and all. He is used to beating people up and watching them bleed. However, tonight, he had to fight differently. The Irish aggressive fighter gave Mayweather a hard time but tonight's victory proves you can't equate someone with many years of professional boxing experience with a newbie in the game. McGregor might might be a Champ in MMA, Mayweather is still the King of boxing.

"The Money Fight" was indeed the fight of the Century. McGregor went home with $100 million for fighting the most crafty and defensive boxer (Floyd Mayweather) of all time while the Champ himself bagged $200 million for remaining the undefeated.

Congratulations to both of them!

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