Nigerian Priest Kidnapped And Killed On His Way To His Father's Funeral

It is a sad time for the Onunkwo's family as they mourn the sudden death of their son, brother and uncle Reverend Father Cyriacus Onunkwo who recently returned home from Rome after his studies. He was assigned to a Parish in Lagos, Nigeria and everything seemed to be going well for him until He learned that his father had passed away.

Rev. Onunkwo decided to go his hometown in Imo State to bury his father and suddenly he went missing. He was kidnapped by some unidentified people and was murdered on September 1, 2017.

According to the Imo state police, Father Cyriacus Onunkwo was allegedly snatched from his vehicle in Orlu town in Orlu Local Government Area on Friday morning by gunmen and killed within 24hours. His body was dumped in a bush and there is an ongoing investigation to find the killers.

Reverend Father Cyriacus Onunkwo

How could anyone be so heartless? A heart already bleeding for the lost of his father, he was a Priest and then some cold-hearted animals thought he was a money bag that they could use to extort money.

What's going on in this world? Can't people have respect for certain situation? Are people that hungry for money, they don't care if it's not the right scene to rob, kill and destroy?

May the soul of the Rev. Father Cyriacus Onunkwo rest in the Lord!

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