Nigerian Man Videos His Babymama Harassing His Aged Mother

Nigerian man who lives in the U.S. with his babymama and 18 months old daughter, videos a terrifying moment that shows his babymama harassing his 67 years old mother.

The video which was released to social media this morning, has since gone viral. Though we don't really know how the whole trouble started, but we did hear the babymama accusing the aged woman of gossiping about her own mother.

The ill-tempered babymama called the police to come get her babydaddy's mother out of the house because she felt threatened. She even accused her man of putting his hands on her when he tried to pull his mother away from her.

Please watch the video and tell us what you think about the whole mess.

Nigerian man videos his babymama harassing his Mother in the U.S then she tries to set him up

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