The Story Of King Wazalion By Wazal Ayissi

Between the scissors and the pen, fashion designer Wazal Ayissi makes no difference. His overflowing inspiration led him into writing and narrating the story of King Wazalion in the Wazalvilles Kingdom:

"The Legend of Wazal as narrated is a tale that has its framework in Africa. It is not just a story for entertainment. Imagining this tale through the cosmic strip aims this part of Africa which is the basin of Lake Chad and the countries that make up this region, including Cameroon.

Landscapes - architecture - customs - prohibitions - rituals - clothing cultures - fabrics - accessories - hairstyles - colors of everyday life ...

Through the comic strip 'The legend of Wazal' I tell my culture, my source of inspiration, my gift, my passion for fashion that I received from my late father, the couturier Ayissi Nga Pierre Célestin.

Fashion Designer Wazal Ayissi

Wazal Coutour Paris: Wazal Ayissi's collection

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