Lol! 4-Year-Old Boy Begs Mom To Delay Giving Birth

Watch hilarious video of a 4-year-old boy named Bryce who tried to convince his mom Wilson Glow to postpone giving birth to his new baby sister.

Ms. Wilson was at the hospital to give birth to her sixth child and was going to be in the hospital for a couple of days more. Little Bryce had missed his mom for

3 days straight already, so he was prepared to take him mom back with him on his first visit to the hospital.

All he wanted was his mama. No brother and definitely no daddy. Baby sister can come out another day.....

The viral video was posted by the mom on her instagram and has generated thousands of views and comments!

The proud mom said her son has always been very affectionate towards her.

What a coincident? Found Little Bryce with his mom and siblings at the Northridge Mall this evening!

I saw a little boy asking his mom to follow him into Hot Topic store He was very serious like he knew what he wanted to get from the store. His mom looked a little bit tired and was sitting on one of the benches outside the store - holding a baby in her arms.

Bryce's face looked very familiar, so I had to walk back to ask the mom; "Excuse me, Is that the little boy whose video went viral on Instagram?" and his mom replied "Yes, that's him." So excited, I asked the mom if I could say hello to him and she said "Sure! Go ahead." She followed me into the store to find Bryce who was very busy looking around the store. I said hi to him and he smiled. Obviously, he is now use to receiving compliments from random people since his video hit the internet.

I asked his mom if we could take a photo with him and his mom told him. Little Bryce walked outside the store with us and gave a big smile while his mom took the photo. We also made it clear to him that we were his number one fans because he is a great kid.

The new baby sister should be about three month old. She was very alert too and watching us as we showed some love to her big brother, Bryce.

Such a beautiful family!

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