Ten-Cent Daisy - A Lost Mermaid Tale

Ten-Cent Daisy - A lost mermaid is one movie you need to watch with your family and friends. The movie is slated to be released in next year, 2018 and we need your support to make this amazing project come to life!

The story evolves around the lives of three sisters, Orchid, Violet and Daisy, the mermaid. The siblings flee their small fishing village in the Caribbean after Daisy, is assaulted by the local pastor. Their mother, Iris, confesses to murdering the pastor to give her girls cover to start a new life in America. Twelve years later in Berkeley California the sister's relationship has splintered. The oldest, Orchid, receives word that Iris is to be released from prison, and is in poor health. She knows they must return home to save their mother using Daisy’s healing gifts, but there are several obstacles to overcome, most of all the lust of a close family friend, Mira, to gain control over Daisy.

Behind the scenes of Ten-Cent Daisy

For more information about this precious project and how to support, kindly go to the main site where you would have access to donate and more importantly help spread the word! Momentum is needed to make this fantastic movie happen.

Behind the scenes of Ten Cent Daisy

Learn more about the movie so far at www.tencentdaisy.com. You may also follow the movie via social media: #tencentdaisy and Instagram @tencentdaisy.

Thank you!

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