Wendy Williams Faints On Live TV

Big-mouthed media personality Wendy Williams passes out on live TV while celebrating Halloween. Williams who dressed as the iconic Statue of Liberty lost control of herself on Tuesday morning during her show.

Initially, everyone thought she was just being her usual drama queen self until she slumped to the floor. The producers quickly rush to her aid and then cut into commercial.

After getting a gripe of herself, she explained that she was overheated in her halloween costume.

Could this be Karma? Anyways, we are happy she is okay and that she bounced back swiftly to complete the talk show.

However, some people like rapper/business mogul 50 Cent, thought what happened to Williams was well deserved for all the terrible things she says about people. This is how he reacted to Wendy's scary on-air collapse. Lol!

Twitter user Clay Baker posted:

Other funny memes.....

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