Selena Gets A Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame!

Latina Icon Selena Quintanilla has been memorialized with a star of Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood, California.

The late singer's sister Suzette Quintanilla who participated through out the entire time the star was being prepared, also accepted the star on her behalf.

"I feel like we've crossed different generations. We're now in a whole new generation of millennials and I'm very grateful on behalf of my family and myself for them embracing her and finding her," Suzette said. "I want to keep this short and sweet. I want to thank my parents, especially my father for having that vision and being able to guide us throughout our whole career and for teaching us that we can succeed as long as we put in hard work. I hope that sets the example for all of our youth that's out there."

"I think Selena said it best, 'The impossible is possible.'" she continued. "I'll leave you with this, Selena said, 'The goal isn't to live forever, but to create something that will.' And I think tonight is a perfect testament of that.

Selena was dubbed the 'Queen of Tejano' music. Sadly on March 31, 1995, she was shot to death by Yolanda Saldívar in her hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas.

Saldívar was hired by Selena to run her fan club. Saldívar got greedy and was fired for embezzelment. Devastated by the rejection, Saldívar tricked Selena into visiting her 'alone' at a Motel and innocent Selena was willing to listen to her explanation and Saldívar open fire on the singer during an altercation. Bleeding Selena managed to run the Lobby where she quickly told the Front Desk that she was shot my her Manager Yolanda Saldívar.

By the time the Paramedics arrived, Selena had passed out. She was rushed to the hospital were she was pronounced dead.

According to the Doctors who saw tried to save her, there was not a single blood left in her body by the time she got to the hospital. The bullets most have cut through one of her arteries making it difficult for her to survive.

Late Selena during one of her stage performances

"Selena was an angel," Mayor Eric Garcetti said. "While she was taken from us way too early, we now have something permanent that generation after generation after generation can see in the most famous neighborhood anywhere in the world."

Selena's widower Chris Perez

The Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony was star-studded as expected. Those in attendance besides the Quintanilla's, where Chris Perez who was the late singer's husband, Eva Longoria who also hails from the singer's hometown, Angelica Maria, Angelica Vale, Gregory Nava the man who wrote and directed the movie 'Selena', Edward James Olmos and Selena's band Los Dinos. Her elated fans were also there to watch their dreams come true.

If you are one of Selena's fan and you are wondering where exactly her star is located on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it is right in front of the Capitol Records building at 1750 Vine Street.

Below is a video of the ceremony.

Selena - Hollywood Star Ceremony (Suzette Quintanilla’s speech)

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