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Uber Teams Up With NASA To Create 'Flying Cars.'

Uber has teamed up with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to develop 'flying cars' for passenger transport.

On November 8th at Web Summit in Lisbon, Uber’s head of product Jeff Holden stated that Los Angeles is will be the third test city for the proposed flying cars that would arrive in 2020. The other cities are Dallas-Fort Worth and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

According to Forbes, Uber is working with NASA and several aerospace and property development partners to get the pilot project off the ground. The schedule is no less aggressive than the pricing strategy Holden announced for the air taxi service: Uber Elevate will be price competitive with Uber X when it launches. That’s right: if your pick the right destination, you could ride in a VTOL aircraft for the same price as being ferried around in a hipster’s Prius.

Uber hopes to begin flying its aerial taxis — basically, small planes with wing-mounted propellers that will take off and land vertically, on the roofs of buildings.

The transportation technology company has also released a glossily produced video to demonstrate what using its aerial taxi service would look like from the perspective of a working mom who just wants to get home to her kids.

Uber unveils UberAIR aerial taxi services

Do you think looking to the skies for growth is good idea? What is the criteria for choosing test cities and why was Los Angeles added to the list? A lot of crazy stuff happen almost every day on the Streets and Freeways. Drunk drivers and all. Doesn't this sound like a flying Roller Coaster?

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