Congratulations To Star Of The Month Esther Sheridan!

As the end of the year draws near with Thanksgiving coming up in a couple of days, we would love to celebrate November 'the month of gratitude' with our gorgeous fashionistar Esther Sheridan.

Sheridan is one of Nigeria's fast-rising fashion blogger in diaspora who left Nigeria 4 years ago with her sweetheart to start a new life in Holland, Amsterdam the capital and most populous municipality of the Netherlands. Together the couple have a set of twins (a boy and a girl).

The easy going mother of two is a native of Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria while her hubby is an English man. Though the young mother has her hands already full, raising 2 toddlers at the same time - you all know how stressful it is raising a child, let alone twins - but somehow she is able to stay cool, calm, full of energy and beautiful. To her, she wouldn't have been able to 'move a morsel' without His Grace.

Esther Sheridan: Mon's Pick November 2017 star of the month

Life in Holland is quite different from how life was in Nigeria. Just like everyone who relocates to another country, she had to adapt to a new system. She made new friends and learned a whole different lifestyle. As a strong woman, she already knew what she wanted out of life and she worked her way to get there. Back home in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria, Sheridan was a well-known socialite. Her ability to interract easily with people and establish a rapport made the change easier. In no time, her winsome spirit attracted like-minded people into her life.

On her blog @esteesheridan, you would see her supporting people at beautiful gatherings, modeling the latest trend in fashion and just enjoying the moment.

Besides being a superwoman, Sheridan's other hobbies includes enhancing people's natural beauty. She is a makeup artist, hairstylist and fashion stylist. You have an Occassion to attend and you are having trouble deciding on what to wear? Our fashionista gat your back! She also loves photography because every single moment is worth capturing for keep sake.

When asked where the light-skinned beauty sees herself 5 years from now, she replied: "I see the kids at school and me reigniting businesses. I want to be a better me - as a wife, mother and a business woman. I also hope to contribute more into the society that I get most of my inspiration from."

Her positive advice to the world is that people "should treat one another with more kindness and respect. Live your life being true to yourself and not by what the society expects of you. When life weighs you down, don't be to hard on yourself. Understand the fact that nobody thinks of you as much as you do. Live your life and let the little things make your eyes sparkle!"

We love you Esther Sheridan. Keep beautifying the world with your winsomeness!

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