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Karma! Bees Arrest Suspected Thief

How do we describe the story? Is it hilarious or scary? Well, the people of Masindi town in the western region of Uganda should be able to decide for us. On Monday morning in Masindi district, a man was attacked by bees after he allegedly stole woofer speakers from another man.

According to reports, the suspected thief did not know that the man he stole from was into black magic (Juju). Lol!

After several attempts to rid himself of the evil bees, the frustrated thief confessed and begged bystanders to help him apologize to the owner of the items he stole.

In the pictures below, he is seen returning the woofer back to it's owner as onlookers hailed the owner of the stolen items, saying it was a learning lesson for other thieves who have been terrorizing residents.

Are you from Masindi? Please let us know how this black magic came about because this is the second we have seen bees attack theives in the eastern part of Africa. We need some in West Africa too. Most especially in the political sector. Lol!

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