7-Year-Old Girl Raped, Murdered, Body Dumped In A Dumpster

7-year-old Zainab on Thursday, January 4, left home in Kasur for Quran recital and never returned. On Tuesday, the body of the young Pakistan girl was found in a dumpster about a mile away from her home. She had been raped multiple times and strangled to death, autopsy reports.

According to Muslim rite, when someone dies, they have to be buried immediately but the father of the decease has refused to bury his daughter until the perpetrators are found and brought to justice.

“We will not bury her until we get justice,” he told reporters. “We are now afraid of letting our children leave the home. How was our child kidnapped from a busy market?”

Late Zainab: A victim of brutal sexual abuse and murder

Little Zainab was living with her Aunt while her parents traveled to Saudi Arabia for umrah pilgrimage.

According to Police report, this is the 12th incident of sexual abuse and murder of children in Kasur district.

Zainab's death has sparked riot in Pakistan. Residents blame the police force for lack of due diligence in investigating these crimes but the police have denied being incompetent with their investigation. Adding that they have DNA samples from the Zainab's body and that of other murdered little girls. They promised to find the culprits and bring them to justice.

Angry mob fight for justice for Zainab

Religious Leaders lead prayer for Zainab

See CCTV images below showing Zainab walking hand in hand with a stranger.

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