H&M Stores Vandalized Over Racist Monkey Ad Campaign

Some H&M stores in South Africa was vandalized on Saturday, January 13, by disgruntled protesters over a Racist Monkey Ad Campaign. Click for previous story.

Just when we thought the whole tension had died down, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) protesters decided to take some disciplinary action against the Swedish brand.

According to Reuters, EFF have set their sights on six stores in the province of Johannesburg, where they proceeded to drag down displays and toss clothing and other products in the store onto the floor.

Though the Company has sinse apologized and taken down the ad from their website, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, spokesman for the ultra-left EFF, said that was too little, too late.

"The time of apologies for racism are over; there must be consequences to anti-black racism, period!" Ndlozi tweeted on Twitter, with pictures of a vandalized H&M store and video footage of chanting EFF supporters.

An H&M store Sandton City shopping mall in Johannnesburg forced to close after being ransacked by EFF

Regarding this recent protest, the world-renowned clothing brand has not responded yet. However, on the company's local website, there is a lengthy apology for the Advertisement.

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