Stephanie Otobo Confesses She Was Paid To Blackmail Apostle Suleman

A new video has surface online showing controvial Canada-based upcoming singer Stephanie Otobo confess to bearing false allegation against Apostle Johnson Suleman of The Omega Fire Ministries. She confessed she was manipulated by strong and powerful Nigerian politians and pastors to drag the pastor's reputation to the mud.

According to members of the church, the confession was made on Saturday, 27, 2018. Last year, Otobo confessed to the general public that she was the "side chic" of the popular preacher. She also said he had promised to marry her but that as soon as she got pregnant with his baby, his attitude changed towards her. He allegedly gave a concoction to drink which led to her having a miscarriage, she stated.

The scandal was one of the most talked about last year for the mere fact that there were incriminating evidence that showed the man of God facetiming with the singer on multiple occasions. She also showed proof that he lavished her with money.

Stephanie Otobo Confesses: I Was Used And Paid Against Apostle Suleman

Apostle Suleman on the other hand, tried several means to clear up the allegation but Stephanie Otobo was a "touch cookie." She knew what action he was going to take next and used it to her advantage.

Stephanie Otobo

In November, 2017, the pastor was left with only one option: to file a defamation lawsuit against Otobo. Otobo's lawyer Festus Afeiyadion was also prepare to defend his Client and not backdown in their stance for truth. Both parties was suppose to appear in court this coming February 7, 2018.

Surprisingly, Otobo's confession today has thrown several people off while some are angry at her because they believe she was paid to take her words back. For someone who is known to show evidence to backup her statement, the question people are asking now is: How come she did not mention the name of the politians that manipulated her? Has she lost her memory now?

“We saw the video online on Saturday morning but we are yet to get any formal statement from Stephanie confirming or debunking the video. We are lawyers and we only act on our client’s instructions. So, we don’t have any comment on the matter,” Festus Afeiyadion told Premium Times.

What do you guys think? Is this just another stunt to deceive the public and save the falling reputation of Apostle Suleman?

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