Is Usher And Amara La Negra Dating?

Could this be true? Just days after we learned that Usher and his wife Grace Miguel are getting a divorce, words around town is that Usher Raymond and Amara La Negra the Afro Latina from VH1 Love and Hip Hop Miami are seeing each other.

According to MTO, the two have even been spotted together in Los Angeles, California and it is the reason why Usher released a joint statement with his wife that they will soon be separating and getting a divorce.

Well, we all know MTO is not a good source for "credible stories" but we also learned that after the singer hooked up with Amara outside of The Real, he reportedly fell in love with her like instantly, insiders reports.

Hours later, Usher made the announcement that he was leaving his wife.

Usher and Amara La Negra at Global Spin Awards

We love Usher but he is known to move too fast in his relationships. Amara La Negra on the other hand is a great character, good singer, a real talker and she is the reason why most of us watch Love of Hip Hop Miami because she brings the hit.

Usher's marriage to Grace Miguel was kind of "off" just the same way it felt weird when he announced that he was marrying Tameka Foster.

Grace Miguel and Usher

Usher with ex wife Tameka Foster

If the story is true, Amara seems like not just a good catch and a better package for someone (Usher) who falls in love with women around him. We hope she is able to hold him down because she does have everything to keep him satisfied and make him spend the rest of his life with her. If this does not work out, then Usher needs to seek therapy.

Below are some of Amara La Negra's photos that probably got Usher thinking twice about his married status. Lol!

Watch Amara's new single Bam Bam

Amara La Negra - What A Bam Bam [Live Stream Music Video]

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