Congratulations To Star Of The Month Uche Eluwa!

As we push forward in this month of March with Spring being super awesome to every single one of us, we would like to introduce Uche Eluwa also known as Bionic Uche as our star of the month!

Eluwa is a qualified Child Practitioner who has a great passion in healthy lifestyle. In order to dole out a ton of advice on the importance of making a few lifestyle changes such as eating habits (diet), incorporating regular exercise to our daily routines to boost self-esteem and self-confidence, decrease stress and anxiety, enhance mood, and improve general mental health, Eluwa joined the Juice Plus Company two years ago.

Uche Eluwa a.k.a Bionic Uche

The mother of one cute boy lives in London, United Kingdom where she has become a socialite and an educator of healthy living - beauty, food, fitness and diet. She also has ten years of experience within the hospitality sector, a unique background that has afforded her the opportunity to better manage her business with a high level of professionalism and expertise.

Bionic Uche holding a glass of freshly made green smoothie as part of a fitness diet or as a meal replacement.

Bionic Uche showing us how she works from home while taking care of her family

We would describe the personality of this woman as someone who is easy-going and who finds joy in motivating others especially the Stay-at-Home Moms to start their own business and even work from home.

On her Social Media handles, you would see success stories and photos of women that she has placed in the program. Eluwa does take pride in her work and believes you can achieve any goal you set your heart to - as long as you stay focused and never give up.

Healthy diet prepared by Bionic Uche

Bionic Uche is a true "life influencer" because walks the talk. She would work closely with her Clients regardless of the distance in terms of location. She has Clients from different walks of life both in the United Kindom, Nigeria, United States of America, Canada, etc.

As a positive minded individual, she believes every idea starts with a dream and dreams do come true. On her Facebook account and instagram, you would comes accross many inspirational quotes to keep her followers going.

"I see myself as a living witness of the power of dream and the unlimited opportunities that lie within mankind." she told us.

As a strong woman who helps others build their career, Uche is also a role model to her son who believes he can achieve his dreams through persistence.

Congratulations Eluwa Uche on becoming our Star of the month. We love what you do and wish you the very best in it!

To learn more about Bioni Uche and how to be part of the healthy lifestyle that she promotes, you can check her out on her website

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