Teenager Gets Accepted Into 83 Colleges and Awarded $3 Million In Scholarships!

International High School of New Orleans teenager Darrin Francois got accepted into 83 colleges! He was also awarded $3 million in Scholarship, WGNO ABC reports.

Darrin said he kept applying to schools until he lost count and to his surprise, the the mails starting pouring in, all positive response from all the schools he applied to.

“I just applied, applied, applied. I didn’t know how many it was, so once they started to come through the mail, I was like oh my gosh, this many? Then, they started coming more more and more,” Francois said.

“Now, today, I have 83 now!” he added.

His proud mom Bridget said the news is a blessing! “Eighty-three colleges? That is wonderful, that is a blessing from God. I’m very proud, a proud mother to see my son go forward into his success and go forward into his goals."

Francois says he hasn't officially chosen a school yet.

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