Michael Jackson's Eldest Son Defends Late Grandfather!

Prince Michael also known as Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. has a few words for his recently deceased grandfather Joe Jackson's critics.

In a video for Instagram stories, he lashed out saying:

“Keep talking all the s–t you want that he abused my dad,” Michael Jackson’s oldest son said in a video for Instagram Stories on Friday. “He raised these kids right, otherwise they would have been in gangs or f–king dead.”

Joseph "Joe" Jackson the musical patriarch of the Jackson's family, passed away at a Las Vegas hospital, a source close to the family tells CNN. He suffered from terminal pancreatic cancer.

In many interviews, Joe Jackson did agree to beating his children with belt buckle and a switch. His daughter La Toya also wrote in her 1991 memoir that he sexually abused her and her sister Rebbie.

The society for along time now, gave him that image of an abusive father even after his death. Price Michael finding it difficult tolerate all these negative remarks, had to vent out his frustration and ask the haters to keep quiet.

See video below:

Paris Jackson also paid tribute to her late grandpapa.

All these kids wants right now is to protect and promote their grandfather's legacy. People please have some respect for the dead!

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