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Wife Catches Husband With A Side Chick In Matrimonial Bed

A woman who suspected her husband was having an extra-marital affair, decides to pop up back home -unannounced- after husband suddenly became inaccessible when she called him on the phone. Before now, she noticed his behavior had changed, revealing all signs of infidelity. Low and Behold! She was right! She finds him in their matrimonial bed with a 22-year-old lady.

The video has gone viral on social media and we learned that the cheating man has been seeing this young lady for months. Worse of all, he brings her home while the wife is out of the house. He is so disrespectful and cheap at the same time, he can't even pay for a hotel.

Even though the husband was to blame for breaking their marriage vows, the angry wife did not hesitate to give the adolescent (side chick) a good beating.

Watch video below:

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