Katie Hopkins Says Idris Elba Will Never Be James Bond

Katie Hopkins has opened her big mouth again. This time, she is talking about actor Idris Elba. The English media personality and newspaper columnist wants the actor and the world to know that Idris cannot be 007 (James Bond) simply because the real James Bond was written as an arrogant, upper class white character - born with a silver spoon.

Once again, Hopkins has succeeded in giving people something to talk about and her views has sparked a social media uproar since it was published online.

Is Katie aware that Caucasians always play the roles of Egyptian characters? How come we have had Caucasians playing the roles of every single biblical characters - including Jesus Christ - for decades?

Katie Hopkins

Katie's opinion regarding who qualifies as James Bond is so dumb because fictions should never be based on a particular color. It's all about who is the best fit for the role, the pleasure and knowledge that we derive from it.

Of course, we know James Bond is a fictional character but he same people who wrote the fiction can edit it as well. If we can imagine Idris Elba as 007, we could as well bring that imagination to life. Besides, who watches James Bond lately? The character has almost faded away in our minds. It's high time the producers spiced things up to draw fans back to the charismatic character.

The world is changing around us. Women of color are now coming first place in top beauty pageants. We also have black barbies and black Disney Princesses. Look at former actress Meghan Markle. Who would have thought that she would be married to Prince Harry and then become a member of the British royal family?

If Markle could become the Duchess of Sussex, we could also have a black James Bond. It's all about tweaking the story to fit the modern day.

Below are comments from people of Facebook and Youtube: Get ready to laugh or get angry. Please don't leave this blog without giving your opinion.

Youtube's FatFrank883: "If they do a black bond, I for one will avoid it, the same as I avoided star wars, black panther and female remakes. Society is going liberal mad. Katie makes v good points. Bond was never black, or a woman, or politically correct but that's what makes him Bond."

YouTube's Xusia Xod: "Of course not. James Bond is WHITE. No racism, it's a fact FFS. Let's have Daniel Craig playing Nelson Mandela then.."

YouTube's Marilyn Nwene: "Nelson Mandela is not a fiction. "James Bond is and so we can replace characters and change the story."

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