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Michelle Obama's Take Her Fashion Style To The Next Level!

Michelle Obama's dress sense is off the hook! This woman is a bonafide fashion trendsetter. Her confidence sparkles like her clothes!

The former first lady was on her last stop on the 'Becoming' tour at the Barclays Center in NYC with actress Sarah Jessica Parker. Those sparkling Balenciaga dress and thigh-high boots are to die for. ๐Ÿ˜

I love Michelle's style and personality. My is my number 1role model - not every high profile dignitary has 'it together' like she does. There is this thing about her that makes you feel comfortable and not intimidated by her status.

Who else feels the need to know what this book is all about after seeing photos of her 'coming out' at this event? When Michelle was still the First Lady, the clothes she wore we sold out as soon as the public is notified of who she is wearing.

I do pray to meet her some day. People like her are very hard to come by.

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker and former First Lady Michelle Obama at the Barclays Center in NYC on Dec. 19, 2018. Michelle was there to discuss about her book 'Becoming'.

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