Transgender Boys In Boy Scouts: Is This A Good Idea?

Last year, the American Boy Scouts amended its policy to allow transgender boys join Scouts - a group that long-banned gay scouts and leaders.

We know the world is constantly revolving but at the same time, we are worried about these young transgender boys and girls.

The purpose of the Boy Scouts program is to equip boys and young adults to build character, to train in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and to develop physical and mental fitness. Basically it's all about camping but don't you think people are pushing this whole transgender thing to far? You can no longer express your opinion even if it's a fact.

One thing we should understand is that, even though the system has been modified so that a child assigned female at birth (AFAB) is accepted into Boys Scout, you can't force the other children to accept them right away. It will take a very long process to get that acceptance because children think differently and are very honest in their actions.

Joe Maldonado is the first openly transgender member of the Boy Scouts, shows off his new uniform. He had been banned from a Cub Scout group in Secaucus before the policy amended.

No one is thinking about what the coach are dealing with at the camp trying to managed these kids and make them act 'nice.' A negative reaction from the boys towards a transgender boy could cause more problem in the program. Some boys could lose interest and decide to pull out of the program simply because they just cannot comprehend what is going on in the world and why a transgender boy is camping with them. On the other hand, the transgender boy would have problem figuring why 'he' is being treated differently.

People are only looking at the acceptance part, forgetting about the emotional and psychological impact on both children in the program. It's a very sensitive situation and we just hope these children are happy doing what they do as Boy Scouts.

Can you imagine the psychological trauma that a transgender boy would have to go through if the other kids don't feel comfortable changing their clothes in front of 'him'? Do we all really know what these transgender kids go through at these camps? Their parents are at home thinking their kids are having a swell time mean while their kids are fighting for themselves to be accepted for who they are at such a young age? Why put your child in such a situation? That just seems like torture.

Children cannot pretend for too long. Even if they do, their actions will one day speak for itself. Sometimes kids fight each other and we know some kids are bullies while some could be territorial as well. Often times, boys just want hang out together and even if their sister or mom interrupt them, they would find away to discharge her from the group. Sadly, in the world we live today, such a reaction towards a transgender boy, would be termed 'discrimination' and a big problem. It's almost as if we cannot have kids be themselves or act 'silly' anymore. They have to grow up fast and act like adults. We could even have a bigger problem in our hands if the parents get involved because they got report that their kids treated a transgender boy differently.

This is topic calls for concern for our kids. We hope our actions as parents won't bring us more headaches in the long run because kids will always be kids and boys will always be boys - in terms of behaviors. Someone could be suffering on the inside and the parents would have no clue until there is a negative effect.

With all due respect to the LGBT world, we are just curious about what might be going on at these camps that no one is reporting. As adults, we see people misbehave in all works of life. Children do the same at schools. So, these camps are not different. Some of these transgender boys and girls could be hurting badly in situations like this but no one is really paying attention to the trauma they suffer from their peers. In as much as everyone is trying to act as if he/she knows better now and see things differently; as humans we hate change.

In all, happiness is all that matters and we should make sure we know our kids. Make sure they let you know if they are happy or not. They need our love and support. No child should keep things to themselves just because they don't want their parents to feel bad or run to the press for help. We should try to place our children in places that bring the best out of them not where they lose their self esteem and feel less about themselves.

What's your opinion on this issue? Your opinion matters a lot.

Thank you for reading!

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