Woman Beats and Strips Relative Naked For Sleeping With In-law

A woman who has been identified as the sister-in-law to a man who invited another woman (relative) to his matrimonial home for sex, beats and strips the relative naked after catching her red-handed sleeping with her sister's husband. This is the only appropriate video of the 5-part video. In the Part 4, a good Samaritan offered the naked her wrapper. However, In Part 1 through Part 3, the woman was completely nude. Seems like they already used a belt on her before taping the video because, there were bad bruises on her right breast and right shoulder. She was later forced to lay on the bed and was flogged mercilessly with a two-mouthed Cain. The aggressive sister-in-law continued beating her with a belt while walking her out of the premises and forcing her to go outside the gate even though she was naked. The rate at which people take laws into their hands in Nigeria is crazy. Nobody bothered to called the police meanwhile the cheating man was untouched. They won't even show us his ugly face. . Please share this video until it gets into the hands of the law enforcement agency in Nigeria. We don't know what has become of the woman. As you can see she's out of breath and still begging. What she did is unacceptable but the way they handled the situation is a crime.

Sister-in-law beats and strips relative naked for sleeping with her sister's husband


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