Black Swimmer Disqualified For Her Body

An elite black swimmer Beckynn Willis was disqualified from competition for her body. The young swimmer was disqualified after a race for how her swimsuit fit her body.

Breckynn Willis, a member of the swim team at Dimond High School in Anchorage, Alaska, had competed in four events at a swim competition Friday.

She swam in and won a heat during the meet. She emerged out of the pool to claim her victory in the 100-yard freestyle but to her shock, she was told by her race referee that she had been disqualified.

Willis swimsuit had shifted into a position that showed too much of her backside. The official said Breckynn's team-issued swimsuit didn't fit her properly and thus violated a rule, according to a statement from the Anchorage School District.

Now, Willis, 17, is African American and according to people who know her, 'she gat butt!' The uniform she wore was given to her by the school and how it fits to her body has nothing to do with her.

Sadly, jealous parents who were not happy with the way she beats their children in swimming, always took pictures of her and body shamed her. Why would parents focus on a kid's butt? That is so inappropriate!

Well, after public outcry, the decision was reversed. She got her crown back.

John Iadarola and Jayar Jackson break it down on The Damage Report.

Breckynn Willis and her team

Breckynn Willis, Atheletic trainer and Breckyn's sister Dreamer Kowatch

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