Ghanaian Pastor Shoots Wife To Death

U.S. based Ghanaian pastor, Sylvester Ofori has killed his wife Barbara Tommey after a rocky marriage experience.

According to reports, on Tuesday right before 9:00 a.m. September 8th, 2020. Ofori, 35, tracked Tommey, 27, to her new place of work at Navy Federal Credit Union in Millenia, Orlando and opened fire on her. He then stood above her and shot her multiple times in the head.

This is very sad because they were young couple. In the video below, you could hear Ofori shouting to Tommey's brother saying "The same sister whom your pastor told you that she was a witch!"

So what? Is your pastor God? How valid is that allegation?

Before prophet Sylvester Ofori was arrested

Women please for God sake, do not entertain any form of abusive relationships whether it's verbally, physically, financially or emotionally. It's not worth your life. In general, when someone threatens your life, take it seriously because you cannot tell what is in their heads.

So many lives have been destroyed because of false prophets/pastors saying your wife is a witch, your mother is a witch, your mother in-law is a witch, your husband is a witch, your sister is a witch and even your children have witchcraft in them. Only fools act on those false allegations because only God can tell who is demonic and vengeance is for Him alone. He knows how to handle the wicked.

FULL WEDDING Video of Pastor Sylvester and Barbara Tommey

This abusive husband premeditated his wife's murder and has since been arrested for First Degree Murder with a Firearm.

For those of you who are religious, be careful of any pastor, prophet or church that preaches 'Kill ! Die! and Condemnation' against your loved ones and friends. This is always the end result. The family and friends of Tommey including people like us who do not know them before are in sad and shock at such wicked act. What a senseless death?

The real witch/demon in this story,is Ofori himself. Someone who was the General Overseer of Flood Gates of Heaven International Ministry. He also had over 60,000 followers on social media. What a shame? Those of you whom he has brainwashed, I hope you eyes are open now?

A true pastor should preach love, forgiveness and holiness.

Sylvester Ofori's abusive behavior caught on tape. Even with his brother in-law in their home, he assaulted Barbara Tommey his wife and this led to a scuffle between both men.

Domineering spirit and unforgiving spirit force people to desperately read the bible upside down to support their demented minds. This poor lady died for nothing despite her family's intervention. The husband looked into the eyes of her brother saying "If I don't kill your sister, know that I am fake." 

Though the family notified the police to place a restraining order on him and the couple started the divorce proceedings after this last straw.

Just three months after this video, he stalked her to new her place of work and shot her to death. He shot her 7 times. Cutting her whole entire life aspiration short.

Women please be careful. If you feel your life is threatened, run or relocate to another state if possible and start a new life. Never underestimate an abusive relationship.Don't worry about society would say. When you die, society will only say "Rest in Peace."

Lets help each other if we know anyone who is in an abusive relationship, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.

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