Henry Ejege - The Child Molester Who Should Be Incarcerated

There is a child molester on the loose and his name is Henry Egege. He hails from Delta State, Nigeria and he is currently living in the United Kingdom.

Ejege has a long history of molesting little boys and girls by touching them inappropriately or making them perform sex acts on him. His history of child molestation dates back to the 80s.

How He Operates: Henry Egege would come so close to your family like a nice guy, gain their trust to the point that he becomes part of the family and they would leave children around him. This is when he strikes!

He would molest these innocent children and threaten them that they would be punished if they exposed him.

In Nigeria, he would molest little girls right under the nose of the family when there is power outage at night and everyone is outside in the balcony sharing stories. He would lie down beside little girls and slowly creep his hands under their clothes.

The Department of Justice defines child molestation as contacts or interactions such as inappropriate physical contact between a child and adult where the child is used for the sexual stimulation of the perpetrator.

Consequences of Child Molestation Conviction: Those convicted of child molestation face a dire reality. The laws governing child molestation vary from country to country and state to state, but most jurisdictions mandate long prison sentences and vigorously prosecute child sex abuse cases. When released from prison, those convicted must register as a sex offender. They must also report to a probation officer and may be ordered to undergo counseling. In some civil cases, offenders have been directed to pay restitution to their victims. Some Muslim give extreme penalties such as death by hanging.

Child sexual abuse is a serious, pervasive problem with clinical, social, moral, and legal implications. This is why the society takes sexually abusive acts toward children, including sexual assault, rape, incest, and the commercial sexual exploitation of children, seriously to protect children from getting abused, traumatized for life or being murdered.

Henry Ejege is not only a Pedophile but a Child Sex Offender. The truth about this deadly pattern of behavior is that Child Sex Offenders have some kind of cognitive distortions that attracts them to children and make them prey on them. This is why such criminals would continue to commit the same crime for decades and why they should never be around children.

Parents please encourage your children to tell you everything and let them know they will not be punished or judged for opening up to you.

Encourage your children to participate in "Good Touch" and "Bad Touch" in elementary school. It a sex education class that teaches children to be alert and enlightened about how to identify inappropriate behaviors and prevent them from becoming victims of child molestation.

Please share this story until it gets into the hands of the United Kingdom Police Department. Some children over there could be exposed to danger too.

Henry Ejege the child molester who needs to be brought to justice

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