Justice for George Floyd

This is George Floyd the gentleman killed by four white police officers in broad daylight on Tuesday, May 26 in Minneapolis.

Floyd lived in Houston and was well known until he decided to relocate to Minneapolis for work. He wanted to start a new career, driving trucks, said his close friend, Stephen Jackson Sr.

The four officers who murdered him had no regard for his life. Placing over 500 pounds of their weight on his neck and his entire body while on handcuff.

The gruesome way Floyd was killed has sparked protests in the country with hundreds of people on the streets of Minneapolis and Chicago protesting the death of George Floyd who died while in police custody.

George Floyd

The horrifying video that has widely circulated, is the worst we have ever seen of police brutality on a black man in the United States. The look on the face of the officer that was still kneeling on Floyd's neck even after he died was stone-cold, inhuman and evil.

All 4 officers had no mercy on him. What crime did he commit to deserve such death. The officers betrayed their oath of office. Sworn to serve and protect the people of the city and to uphold the Constitution of the American nation, instead, they heedlessly and without due process of law, deprived a man of his life, denying him both equal protection of law and the very air we all must breathe to live.

How can this happen in a Country of laws?

#justiceforgeorgefloyd #blacklivesmatter #injustice #policebrutality

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