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Police, Protesters Pray Together Amid George Floyd Unrest.

Not all protests demanding justice for George Floyd have ended in violence and riots. Protesters gathered outside of the Coral Gables station house in Miami-Dade County on Saturday. Instead of escalating the situation, police and protesters came together, taking a knee to join in a moment of peace and prayer.

This is what the people need. They want to see  signs of remorse in the Police. They want to see empathy. I strongly feel American police officers have learned their lessons. 

We want peace! We want to feel safe on our country. We want the police to protect and serve not intimidate and kill us. We want to be treated with dignity and respect. We want to make sure our children are safe.

Stop the looting, stop burning properties but lets pray for George Floyd like the people of Miami and their police officers. Two wrongs don't make a right. 

MPD, LAPD, NYPD and all the other PDs should go back to the drawing board and change how they train themselves to handle the people. It's not about power but to protect and serve the people. 

Train police officers to protect with a open heart and make our lives easier. Stop training and empowering them to become "heartless - killjoy" monsters.

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