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Thai woman arrested after filming herself while eating a bowl of bat soup.

A Thai woman was arrested recently after she filmed herself devouring a bowl of bat soup.

The lady whose name is Phonchanok Srisunaklua posted the video to her YouTube channel titled “Gin Zap Bep Nua Nua,” which the outlet says translates to “eat spicy and delicious” in English.

In a one-minute and forty seconds video, the vlogger told her viewers in one minute and forty seconds that it was her first time eating a bat, and that she purchased the protected species from a market near the Laos border in northern Thailand. The teacher went on to describe the soup as “delicious,” and compared the texture to raw meat.

The nasty clip has since been taken down from her page, but authorities in Thailand reportedly arrested her for possession of protected wildlife carcasses, and for violating the Computer-Related Crimes Act of 2007 by uploading the clip. If convicted, she faces up to 5 years behind bars.

Like every desperate vlogger, Srisunaklua was more focused on going viral than thinking about possibly contracting viruses.

Phonchanok Srisunaklua eating a bowl of soup with multiple bats on YouTube

Dr. Pattaraphon Manee-on of the Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation said: “I was shocked to see it in the clip now because the incident should not happen both in Thailand and around the world. It is very risky behavior, especially as bats have a lot of pathogens.”

The veterinarian added, “There is no proof that the hot water temperature will actually kill the germs. Just touching the saliva, blood, and the skin is considered a risk,” Manee-on added.

⚠️Warning: GROSS 😱⚠️ #YOUTUBER BAT GIRL!!! 🦇Woman Arrested for Eating Bats On Camera!
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