Trump backs away from Dr Deborah Brix who says she had a fever

Hilarious! Donald Trump backs away from Dr. Deborah Brix after she mentions she had 'a low grade fever.'

This happened at the White House briefing room podium when she shared she did not take part in a coronavirus task force briefing over the weekend because she had a small fever. Birx was making a point that she was acting responsibly out of an abundance of caution.

The president walks away and then on a second thought, walks back to stand close to her. You could tell he was uncomfortable the whole time and couldn't wait for her to finish her speech.

Though the president tested negative to the coronavirus last week, he is not taking chances either. He does not want to contract the virus just like you and I.

Way to go!


Coronavirus: Trump jokes with health official who mentions her 'low grade fever'

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